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User interface is a vital part of software produced for CAD designers
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1 May 2015

Editor's review

When it comes to designing products for CAD designers foremost priority that one must give is to the graphics of the application, as it is the first impression. Reason being that CAD designers are already has a very prolific idea with graphics and design. So in your pursuit to create great looking CAD application CAD Design Icons 2012.2 could be a real gem. This utility collects assortment of high-quality icons that can be used for almost all kinds of CAD applications. As you can discover so many icons in here it will help you overcome the issue of developing such icons all by yourself and in turn save your time as well as cost and hassles. Furthermore besides the first-class quality this package also offers them in varied sizes so that it can be used for all kinds of applications.

CAD Design Icons has got wide varieties of images that can fit wide number of application that functions differently. Images such as Portfolio icon, Designer icons, Colour icon, Web Design icon, Software Designer icon and many more will enable you to enhance the artistic suits, graphic editors of the applications. Furthermore images like Cut, Copy, Paste, Rotate, Flip along with pencils and brushes available with it will empower you to create fantastic desktop applications that CAD designers would love to work with. For flexibility of the images in supporting large variety of development platforms this icon set has brought out the images in different image formats namely GIF, PNG, BMP, and ICO. As already we talked about sizes you can find them in 16x16, 20x20 to 48x48. All the icons available with this icon set has been designed by professional artists and painted by experienced artist leaving no options left for making it attractive.

Summing up the review all we could infer that CAD Design Icons is a worthy solution to make your application aiding CAD designer very intuitive and eye catching and could be awarded 3 stars.

Publisher's description

If you are developing a product aimed at CAD designers, you cannot afford missing your target audience with ugly graphics. Your graphic software has to convey a message to your clients. You absolutely must use high-quality images throughout your product in order to convince your audience to use your product.
To obtain quality images for your product, you can either order your icons to make or get a set of stock designer icons. With stock design icons as an option, why would you pay extra just for the long wait while you can have all images that you need right away?
CAD Design Icons collection is drawn by professional icon designers, and hand-painted by experienced artists. The set of design icons will enhance any graphic editor or image editing product.
Including images such as Designer icon, Portfolio icon, Website icon, Image icon, Color Palette icon, Color icon, 3d Design icons, Software Designer icon, Web Design icon, Find icon, View icon, Clear icon, Photo and Pictures icon, the set of attractive icons has everything to enhance many graphic editors, web sites and artistic suites. With images such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Gallery, Graphic Tools, Flip, Rotate, Move, and a variety of Pencils, Pens and Brushes, the royalty-free collection of design icons is ready to empower many desktop applications and Web sites to come.
To speed up integration with Windows software and Web sites altogether, CAD Design Icons is available in multiple file formats, including BMP, PNG, GIF, and ICO. Every designer icon is supplied in all sizes of 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 40x40, and 48x48.
CAD Design Icons is immediately available and can be used in multiple projects without any additional licensing fees. All artistic icons from the collection are royalty-free. Preview and purchase this icon package at
If you wish to order custom icon design, please visit
CAD Design Icons
CAD Design Icons
Version 2015
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